For me, writing is a part-time job, full-time passion. There never seems to be enough time to get the words on paper exactly as they appear in my head. That’s where HSSW comes in. Having a talented, constructive screenwriting group feels like an extension of the writing process itself. I heard once If you want to be a writer, surround yourself with writers. It's true. I'm never more excited to write than after a HSSW meeting. Sometimes, I even find myself writing for them, anticipating their ideas and improvements, and I welcome the company in my head.

-  Eafat Newton, Quarter Finalist PAGE Awards, 2014; Runner-up Drama-Family, Woods Hole Film Festival 2014


After leaving college I found myself lost in the lonely abyss of writing for an audience of one. HSSW drew me out of that void with constructive feedback on my work and allowed me to network with fellow screenwriters with contacts to the movie and television industry.

-  David Lucas


Genine and HSSW were invaluable to me. They distilled my draft, offered insightful suggestions on how to tie story threads tighter, then sent me away brimming with encouragement. Muchas gracias to all of them.

- Clark Carroll, Semi-Finalist, Austin Film Festival 2013; Winner Showtime's Tony Cox Feature Film Screenplay Competition, Nantucket Film Festival 2014


HSSW is critical to me as a screenwriter because not only do I receive one opinion about my script, I receive multiple opinions, and not just from friends who may not want to hurt my feelings with any negative comments. The group offers both positive feedback and constructive criticism. Both are invaluable, especially the latter as the feedback helps improve my script and gets it polished for the next step in the process: selling it. HSSW gets a script ready to go to the big show.

-  Bob Tremblay, film critic, current feature film script Death Gets a Life optioned


Harvard Square Script Writers has been instrumental in my development. Participating in the review process with HSSW honed my script writing skills and gave me the confidence to submit my work to festivals, competitions, agents, studios and networks.  I was very fortunate to find HSSW and am grateful for my 10+ year association with the group.

-  Wyndham Lewis, writer Nurse Jackie, current series in development


HSSW is a group of Boston area screenwriters who meet weekly through much of the year to critique each others' scripts and master their craft. The environment, while supportive, offers screenwriters critical and high quality feedback and suggestions for improvement. Many of its members have met with success in various venues (as novelists, screenwriters, film critics, nonfiction writing, and other aspects of the film industry such as directing and set design). Members are friendly and open to amateurs as well as experienced writers. It is great to be part of the group.

-  Gabriell DeBear Paye, Quarter Finalist PAGE Awards, 2014