It’s a Re-write Review Monday, April 3rd with Rebecca Schauer’s “Hardcore Adulthood” Feature

Please join us on Monday, April 3rd to explore Rebecca Schauer's re-write of her screenplay Hardcore Adulthood.

LOGLINE: A disenchanted thirty-five-year-old elementary school principal reunites his high school punk rock band to reawaken the passionate, audacious spirit of his youth.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca has always looked to her unique life experiences as a classically-trained violist and public schools orchestra director for inspiration in her writing. Her character-driven comedies and comedy-dramas deal largely with coming-of-age and finding meaning in one's surroundings. She is also a marathoner, art enthusiast and avid baker.

This week, Rebecca would like to, "specifically ask readers if they have any creative ideas to get the early exposition in without as many phone conversations."

MEETING:  66 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MA  Dues $15.00.
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