Phil Kling’s TV Pilot, “He’s Not There” up for Review, Monday, March 27th

Next week, Monday, March 27th, we will be reviewing Phil Kling's TV pilot - He's Not There. Phil has very much re-worked his script from when he first submitted it in early February. So if you read that version, you will want to read the new one. We apologize but bear in mind that script is short!

A few months after his father's sudden death, a young, seemingly carefree, entrepreneur returns home to help steer his now rudderless family.

Series Logline:
In this late 70’s ensemble comedy, a group of talented Manhattanites (an aspiring comedy writer/single dad, a couple of lawyers, a pharmacist and an alluring PHD, who’s sensational book on Female Sexuality became a national best seller) together strive to get their steamy personal and professional lives in balance.

About the Author:
Phil Kling is a native New Yorker who spent his formative years in the Bronx. Eventually the family moved to New Rochelle in Westchester County, going from reasonably affluent to almost indigent in the blink of an eye. Ironically, Phil grew up a couple of blocks from the home of Carl and Rob Reiner. The Dick Van Dyke Show was based on the fictional Petrie family living in New Rochelle – the actual Reiner address. For two years Phil and Rob took the same bus to high school, but only exchanged cigarettes.

Phil is an attorney specializing in commercial real estate. His clients rank among the most famous names in retail: Saks; Neiman Marcus; TJ Maxx; Kohl’s; Clarks; Rockport. He is currently semi-retired, subsisting mostly on a diet of semi-sweet chocolate.

Phil’s writing career began during law school. He was taking a comedy writing class and was shockingly hired as a staff writer for a national TV show then being produced in New York. He got the job with a skit he wrote about a talk show guest who knew the exact number of sins you could commit and still go to heaven. He thought it was easy.

A spec script for MASH and representation by William Morris followed. His work was returned with comments like “very funny but you need to learn how to write for television.” Phil, unable to deal with criticism, became a lawyer full time.

As semi - retirement loomed, Phil started to write again, taking a number of courses at Grub Street. He did get his first pilot to a major producer in LA, but ultimately it did not sell.

He has written three additional pilots, one of which, chronicling the life of an aspiring comedy writer living among a group of very talented people in Manhattan, is the subject here. It’s Two and a Half Men meets Masters of Sex at Seinfeld’s apartment.

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