Other Coverage

Individuals wishing to schedule a special small review with Harvard Square Script Writers can request coverage of their scripts on an "emergency" or ad hoc basis, e.g., when prepping for pitch, exec meeting, or contest. There are several options available:

1) Ad hoc review with 4 senior members from HSSW at a time mutually agreed upon. The author will receive 2 hours of critique and notes.

Short Film Non-HSSW Member $150.00

Short Film HSSW Member $100.00

Long Film Non-HSSW Member (> 30 minutes) $300.00

Long Film HSSW Member (> 30 minutes) $150.00

2) You may also schedule a private 1:1 coverage session with HSSW Director, Genine Tillotson (pending availability) for $300.00.  This will include one complete script review and edit of script + two meetings - one after the edit and one after author re-write.  To arrange a private consultation, please contact Genine at genine@hsswriters.com.