On October 23rd – We Feature A Sci-Fi Adventure, “The Girl From the Edge of Time”

Next week, 10/23 will be our last script review in October so we hope you'll step out and attend.  The author is newcomer Don Yansen and his screenplay The Girl From the Edge of Time is in the sci-fi genre, based on a young adult novel entitled Derelict.

A teen science prodigy, desperate to get away from her criminal father and attend school on Earth, fights to save herself and three other runaways after they are inadvertently transported into outer space on an old, wrecked space ship.

About the Author:
Don Yansen grew up on a cattle farm in the NW and started writing short stories at fourteen.  He has been a long time songwriter, completed most of one musical and started screenwriting fifteen years ago. He has written six scripts: three sci-fi, two survival thrillers and one pilot that takes place in India entitled Slum Girl.

Along the way he has held jobs  as a logger, king crab fisherman, carpenter, high tech startup denizen and rural public health consultant.   He studied physics at MIT,  lives in Lexington and  loves HSSW.

As always the meeting will be held at 66 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MA from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.  Dues $15.00

You can also join us after the meeting at the Russell House Tavern for optional drinks and food.

If you would like to begin receiving scripts and participating in reviews, please contact Genine Tillotson at genine@hsswriters.com. Newcomers are always welcome!