November 20th, Attend the Boston Premiere of “Walk with the Devil” by Alison Hall and Frank Brullo

Imagine you want to shoot an eerie thriller set in an ancient medieval town in Sicily.  You've never made a film before but you're determined to realize your own vision by directing it yourself. 

In order to do this, you must first master the technical aspects of film-making and buy or rent all of your equipment.  Also you must cast and select your crew, all while living in Massachusetts.

This is the inspiring story of Alison Hall, writer/director and her creative partner in life and art, Frank Brullo, executive producer/editor, and how they created the award-winning Walk with the Devil.

On Monday, November 20th, you're invited to the Boston Premiere of this short film hosted by Harvard Square Script Writers and sponsored by Rule Boston Camera.

The screening, being held at 66 Winthrop Street in Cambridge, will be followed by a workshop where Alison will cover how to achieve the cinematic look in a low budget movie, from pre-production to post-production, by using WWTD as a reference.

This discussion is tailored for screenwriters who want to produce their first short film but have minimal background in film-making and/or have a limited budget. By the end of the evening, you’ll learn many of the steps that go into making a short movie with a true, higher-end “cinematic” look.

To date, Walk with the Devil has been screened at several film festivals in the U.S. winning the following awards: Best Narrative Short at the Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Horror/Thriller at Laughlin International Film Festival, and Outstanding Screen Story at Zed Fest Film Festival (Hollywood, CA), among others.

In 2015, the script for WWTD won at the WildSound Screenplay Festival and placed Semifinalist (top 5%) at ScreenCraft’s Short Screenplay Competition.

About The Filmmakers:

Alison C. Hall and Francesco Brullo are a wife-and-husband filmmaking duo based in Boston.

Alison C. Hall is a screenwriter, director, producer and, a script analyst for Woods Hole Film Festival. Her stories reflect her passion for supernatural action dramas featuring strong female leads. She is responsible for the pre-production and production phases of the movie-making process (from scriptwriting to storyboarding and art direction to training the crew and filming the movie).

Francesco Brullo is a software engineer by day and "Lights in a Jar’s" post-production guru by night. While an invaluable presence on set as executive producer and gaffer, his work is all the more indispensable in assembling the movie in the editing room (from editing and sound to color correction and special FX).

Walk with the Devil was their first short film. They just completed filming a second one, also in Italy, a horror, entitled Sister.

Meeting is from 7:00 - 9:30 PM at 66 Winthrop Street in the heart of Harvard Square, Cambridge. 

$15.00 dues covers our rent and administration.