November 13th, Rebecca Schauer Presents Her Comedy, “Dorkestra”

Join us for our last November review on the 13th - Rebecca Schauer's new pilot script, Dorkestra.

Series Logline:

A passionate but naive freshman oboist at a prestigious New York City music conservatory must reconsider everything she knows when she realizes that she has been left in the dust both musically and socially.

 About the Author:

Rebecca Schauer has always looked to her unique life experiences as a classically-trained violist and public school orchestra director for inspiration in her writing.  Her character-driven comedies and comedy-dramas deal largely with coming-of-age and finding meaning in one's surroundings.

She has been a quarterfinalist for the 2015 Stage32 Happy Writers TV Pilot Competition and has served as first-round judge for the 2015 Stage 32 Short Film Festival.

Rebecca regularly provides coverage for clients and potential clients of manager Kailey Marsh, founder of Kailey Marsh Media and The Bloodlist, as well as for Adam Engelhard, founder of boutique management company, Mailroom LA.  She has served on the board of Harvard Square Scriptwriters since the fall of 2016.

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