April 24th New Author, Amna Khalid Makes Her Debut With Her Feature “The Birdcage”

On Monday, April 24th please join us for Amna Khalid's script The Birdcage.


Sarah is a young Pakistani student in the USA. Her carefully planned life takes an unlikely turn when she returns to Pakistan upon learning of her father’s death and must confront her inability to find closure.

About the Author:

Amna Khalid is a new immigrant to America.  She previously penned several series and Telefilms for Pakistani TV channels. This is her first script in English and hopefully not the last. She lives with her husband in Watertown and is looking for work.


LOCATION:  66 Winthrop Street, Cambridge

7:00 - 9:00PM   Dues: $15.00

Don't have the script but want to participate?  Write to genine@hsswriters.com.

Please join us for drinks and snacks at Russell House Tavern after the meeting.