New-Comer Miles Benson Debuts His Comedy Pilot “Nana’s House” on December 18th

Nana’s House, a semi-autobiographical pilot by Miles Benson, is up next week and it's the last script of the season.  So, we hope we'll see you then.

A young couple moves in with their irresponsible family, to their multi-generational home that is in danger of foreclosure and targeted by a greedy businessman.

About the Author:

Miles has always wanted to write and draw comics, which led him to illustration and graphic design; design led him to motion graphics, then to videography, then to filmmaking, and finally led him to screenwriting. As an aspiring director, he wants to learn how to do it all so he can be prepared to take on whatever may come in this journey of unknowns and no guarantees. His goals are to make something as memorable and beloved as Back to the Future, and to eventually write for his first love, comic books.

Miles tries to approach every action, thought, and word on a page with “will this make people feel something?" Nana’s House is the first television screenplay he has written.

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