Monday, May 22nd, Noi Sabal Shares her Script Writing Toolkit With HSSW Members

LAST MEETING OF THE SEMESTER - You're invited to participate in the beta test of some exciting new tools developed by Noi Sabal.

On Monday, May 22nd, Noi will give HSSW a sneak preview of the new Writers Tools she’s in the process of creating.  Designed as interactive writer’s prompts to help screenwriters with their writing pre-production and brainstorming, these Writers Tools help writers organize and develop their characters and plot, thereby streamlining the overall writing (and rewriting!) process to create strong, unique characters and worlds. She’ll give an overview of the Tool, demonstrate how it works and explain why it's useful to writers of any genre. After that, you can have some fun using the Writers Tools yourself for a bit and then give feedback.

• Bring your laptop if you’d like to participate (tablets and phones not yet supported)  We will have a few laptops available for group use as well
• Signed NDA required for entry (hard copies for signature will be made available at sign in)

About Noi:
Since talking her history teacher into allowing her to write a script instead of a term paper in high school, Noi has been writing screenplays. After attending Emerson and then UCF’s Film Program, she worked in TV as a video editor on many nationally televised shows. She’s also worked as an Editor’s Advocate and beta tester at CA software companies, taught at the university level and created branding for dozens of companies. This wide range of work all seemed rather disparate until recently, when she had the idea to take the worksheets she’d created for teaching and writing her own screenplays and finally “do something with them.” Now she’s funneling the skills from these jobs into creating the Writers Tools. So thanks, Mr. Harmon, for saying “yes" to screenwriting and “no" to term papers!

66 Winthrop Street, Cambridge.  7:00 - 9:00 PM.  Dues $15.00.
Join us after the meeting for drinks and snacks at Russell House Tavern.