Monday, May 1st, Dave Lynch presents his two new shorts, “Feedback” and “Glitter Bomb”

Please join us for the review of two shorts, Feedback and Glitter Bomb, by (not that) Dave Lynch on Monday, May 1st.

Logline for Feedback:  An idealistic scientist who creates a telepathic device that joins people together must make a moral decision in order to save lives.

Logline for Glitter Bomb:  A teenaged girl finds herself as more than just the object of a would-be suitor's affections when a love spell cast on her turns out to be a curse.


About the Author:

Dave, who writes as D.W. Lynch, is a designer and illustrator who has been writing feature length screenplays for more years than he cares to acknowledge.


Moderated by Paul Falcone.


LOCATION:  66 Winthrop Street, Cambridge

7:00 - 9:00 PM   Dues: $15.00

Don't have the script but want to participate?  Write to

Please consider joining us for drinks and snacks at Russell House Tavern after the meeting.