Membership Options

There are three options for joining Harvard Square Script Writers.

Receive Newsletter and (Optionally) Review Scripts

To receive our newsletters  click on the link below.

If you additionally want to participate in the scripts reviews that we hold weekly,  indicate that on the following page.  Be sure to agree to the privacy policy. Attend as many review meetings as you like and pay only for those you attend. The group meets on a weekly basis during the academic year in Cambridge, Massachusetts . See Meeting Schedule for details. $15.00 per meeting.

Author Level/Lifetime Membership

$300 Fee

Regular Membership. Receive our free monthly e-newsletter and other mailings, participate in reviews, plus have LIFETIME critiques of your work. Submit an unlimited number of your scripts/stage plays/outlines/etc. for review by the group. Receive detailed coverage from multiple members. Reviews are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. $300.00 one-time payment by check or through Paypal.

Two Script Reviews or Student Membership

$100 for Student Level or Two Script Reviews

There are two options at this level:

Student Author Membership (while matriculated). Proof of student status is required prior to your 1st first review. This may be a copy of course schedule, valid student ID, tuition bill, note from current professor, or other agreed-upon document. $100.00 one-time payment by check or through Paypal (may upgrade to regular membership after graduation).

Two Script Reviews with an option to later upgrade to a Lifetime Membership.  Recommended for those who are uncertain about whether they will work on more than one script.