On November 6th Meet Tony Moschetto and his New Pilot “Trailer Sub”

Tony Moschetto recently joined HSSW and this sci fi pilot is his first review. So please come out to welcome him.

Series Logline:
Three unlikely individuals must band together to form the crew of a double wide trailer turned submarine and search for alien technology that'll prevent the inevitable nuclear winter; all the while, outrunning and avoiding lethal radiation, military creeps and aliens.

Pilot Logline:

A tennis pro must prove his worth during the nuclear apocalypse when he teams up with two complete strangers in a homemade submarine in search of alien technology that will ultimately save humanity.
About The Author:
Anthony Moschetto has written many bios over the course of his life. In them, he lists accomplishments, such as writing stuff... author... comedian... award winning filmmaker... did this and that etc...For fun though, here are some of his lesser known accomplishments:
-Came in last place at the 2001 Topsfield Fair Giant Pumpkin contest.
-Traveled across the USA three times.
-Lists his emergency contact as, “whoever's reading this” (congratulations, you are now Tony Moschetto's emergency contact)
-”Kinda” broke the hip of the man who invented the whiffleball whilst playing tennis.
In his spare time, Anthony Moschetto plays hockey, tennis, reads and tries to stay positive.

Meeting is Monday, November 6th from 7:00 - 9:00 PM at 66 Winthrop Street in the heart of Harvard Square, Cambridge.  $15.00 dues covers our rent and administration.

PLEASE NOTE:  At the beginning of the meeting Genine Tillotson will share some thoughts and insights from the Austin Film Festival '17.